Here’s what our therapists and bodyworkers are saying:

« Awesome exciting course! Excellent instruction! Betsy is very approachable. Looking forward to level 2! »

– HG

« I love this experience and am thankful and grateful that you have developed this course and shared it with us this weekend! See you in level 2! »

– MD

« This course has enhanced my understanding of the body, and of Bodywork in general. Thank you! «

– GI

« Great information; was different from past myofascial course instruction in terms of techniques. Great addition to my current knowledge of the fascial system. I will be utilizing this course content as soon as humanly possible! Thank you for your expertise and guidance ».


« I can’t wait to integrate these techniques into my treatment protocol. Thank you very much! »

– LH

« Great course! It provided a lot of information to help educate myself as well as my clients. The techniques taught were exactly what I was looking for to add to my “bag of tricks”. I’m excited to get back into the clinic and start using my new tools. Can’t wait for level 2!

– TC

« Definitely experienced a couple of A-HAH! Moments. Thank you! »


« Fantastic information and wonderfully presented! I feel confident that I will be able to incorporate all new skills into my practice. Looking forward to level 2! »

– MP

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