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SMFT® Course Descriptions


Our Continuing Education courses are offered to therapists and advanced bodyworkers looking to delve into the world of myofascia.

The body’s myofascial continuity can be likened to a geographical road map of connective tissue which includes muscles, tendons and sinews. This connectivity joins our inner and outer physical landscape. At times our landscapes may feel less than fluid or even « stuck in traffic », horns blowing! SMFT® will take you deep into the body’s myofascial system with techniques that facilitate the body’s return to ease, higher energy and effiiciency in movement whether it be daily activies or favourite sport.



Connecting with the Fascia

Level 1

Learn to connect with the myofascial roadmap. This level teaches full body protocol of deep hands-on techniques with the appropriate anatomy/ physiology to support your clinic sessions. Postural Somatic Awareness, the key evaluation tool, is also extensively worked with in this course.


Creating Specificity

Level 2

As we continue in and along the body’s myofascial autoroute, we run into areas that seem like roadblocks. In order to facilitate the continuity and movement of our physical bodies, we will be learning specific and advanced techniques to help create greater flow.


Delving Deeper

Level 3

In this course, we will be addressing the areas in the body’s maps that keep sending us into detours. More advanced techniques are taught to access deeper, myofascial stiffness. This will allow more fluid organization within the musculo-skeletal system increasing ease and efficient use of energy in and throughout the body.


Connecting with the Fascia

Continuing Education
3 days, 24 hours

Prerequisite: Accredited certification

Learn to connect with the myofascial roadmap.

During this course you will learn
  • Myofascial techniques covering full body protocol
  • Parasympathetic technique maneuvers
  • Postural somatic awareness exercises and body reading
  • Philosophy of somatic awareness and its place in daily life
  • Therapist body mechanics
  • Integration of postural somatic awareness and manual techniques
  • History of structural therapies
At the end of this course

The participant will be able to use the full body myofascial protocol as well as the techniques for the parasympathetics. They will also have a good understanding of how to use and integrate Postural Somatic Awareness during a Structural Myofascial Therapy® session.

Intégration de la Thérapie Myofasciale Structurale

Continuing Education
7 hours

Prerequisite: SMFT Level 1

Validate your technique.

During this course you will learn
  • Réviser et pratiquer la CPS et les techniques manuelles de la TMS
  • Utiliser la CPS dans votre raisonnement clinique
  • Développer des plans cliniques par rapport aux pathologies les plus courants
  • Continuer à développer les traitements cliniques
  • Répondre à vos questions


Continuing Education
3 days, 21 hours

Prerequisite: : Level 1

Help create greater flow.

During this course you will learn
  • Discussion, experiences and thoughts since Level 1
  • Technique: specific maneuvers for back, hips, legs and feet
  • Technique: psoas, iliacus and their fascial extensions
  • Dural balancing techniques
  • Advanced postural somatic awareness exercises and body reading
  • Strength and stability exercises
  • Therapist body mechanics
  • Fascial pathologies
  • Integration of new material
At the end of this course

At the end of level 2, participants will have deepened their understanding of postural somatic awareness and will have learned new manoeuvres specific to a number of myofascial problems.


Continuing Education
3 days, 21 hours

Prerequisite: Level 1 & 2

Discover new healthy patterns.

During this course you will learn
  • Discussion, experiences and thoughts since Level 2
  • Intra-oral techniques addressing TMJ problems and possible origins.
  • Fascial hook-up techniques: occipital to distal, sacral to proximal
  • Advanced side-lying techniques
  • Advanced techniques: sacro-tuberous ligament, coccyx and pelvic floor
  • Treatment protocol
  • Strength and stability exercises
  • Exploring fascial lines and connections
  • Advanced postural somatic awareness exploration
  • Therapist body mechanics
  • The art of working with the fascial system
At the end of this course

At the end of Level 3, participants will have a more inclusive understanding of myofascial anatomy specific to the areas concerned as well as a more highly developed vocabulary in order to assist clients in the postural awareness process.
Advanced manual techniques and exercises to strenghten and stabilize new postural and movement patterns are also an integral part of this level.


SMFT® is recognized as continuing education by:
Fédération Québecoise des Massothérapeutes (FQM)
L’ordre des physiothérapeutes de Québec
SMFT® is accredited for continuing education credits by:

Level 1 and Level 2: 11.2 CEUs




Level 1: 28 CEUs
Level 2: 28 CEUs
Level 3: 21 CEUs


Level 1: 14 CEUs
Level 2: 14 CEUs
Level 3: 12 CEUS


Level 1: 28 primary credits
Level 2 and 3: 14 secondary credits in adjunct category


5-15 credits


1 credit per course hour


1 credit per 2 course hours

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