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Embrace Structural Myofascial Therapy® with Baron Bodyworks

Continuing education for advanced, hands-on bodyworkers.
Be curious, explore, learn, integrate.


Delve Deeper.

Be curious, explore, learn, integrate.

Baron Bodyworks’

SMFT® is an advanced education curriculum designed to empower you with the knowledge and skill to treat the body’s myofascial system. Developed by BetsyAnn Baron, these courses will enrich any professional body worker’s practice. Massage therapists, physiotherapists, athletic and rehab therapists and all other hands-on therapists will greatly enhance their practice with the SMFT® curriculum.


Baron Bodyworks’

At Baron Bodyworks, we understand that each individual has a unique physical structure with specific needs. That’s why BetsyAnn takes the time to assess the source of your specific concerns, aches and pains before she works with you to correct the underlying issue and simply put – feel better!


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Baron Bodyworks was born

out of the need to express and share BetsyAnn Baron’s expanding dreams and ideas. Her previous career, soloist with Les Grands Ballets Canadiens de Montréal, gave her opportunities to explore the different physical, manual therapies that helped heal and rise above her dance related injuries. She began studying massage therapy when it became time to hang up the tutu and toe shoes. As her clientele increased, she invited other massage therapists to join her, germinating in her first clinic at Place des Arts in 1996.

Continuing along the path

Her travels along the road of continuing education studies led her to study new and advanced myofascial techniques and philosophies. Her hands-on learning and experience with this work inspired her to developing a three tier, continuing education curriculum of enhanced bodyworks techniques called, Structural Myofascial Therapy (SMFT®).
BetsyAnn’s passionnate teaching style, provides a thought provoking learning experience. By sharing her knowledge with other advanced therapists, this wonderful world of myofascia becomes an insightful anatomical journey.

My process was born out of a desire to heal myself & help dancers recover from injuries.

BetsyAnn Baron

Expand your knowledge.

Our 3-level Continuing Education SMFT® course offers therapists the opportunity to delve into a deep, hands-on new technique!


Connecting with the Fascia


Creating Specificity


Delving Deeper


BetsyAnn Baron is an advanced bodyworker. Passionate about her work, her main goal is to help you feel better.


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