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All therapists listed ave completed at least level 2.

SMFT Course LevelLast NameFirst NameContact InfoCity
SMFT 1, SMFT 2 Legault Marie-Claude 514-229-6486 Longueuil
SMFT 1, SMFT 2 Lejeune Agnes 438-825-7677 Montreal
SMFT 1, SMFT 2 Loiselle Marc-Antoine 514-951-4178 Châteauguay
SMFT 1, SMFT 2, SMFT 3 Marcil-Roy Amelie 514-519-1667 Montreal
SMFT 1, SMFT 2 Martin-Doire Guillaume 514-706-0011 Montreal
Morin Francois 514-288-2501 Montreal
SMFT 1, SMFT 2 Noel Sophie 514 717 2120 Longueuil
SMFT 1, SMFT 2 Pantazopoulos Anthony 514-227-4374 Montreal
SMFT 1, SMFT 2, SMFT 3 Parent-Pellerin Maël 819-538-3672 Shawinigan
Pellerin Martine Saint-Hyacinthe

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