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All therapists listed ave completed at least level 2.

SMFT Course LevelLast NameFirst NameContact InfoCity
SMFT 1, SMFT 2 Arsenault Genevieve 450-396-4006 Vieux-Longueuil
SMFT 1, SMFT 2 Au Amélie 514-388-1367 Montréal
SMFT 1, SMFT 2, SMFT 3 Baron BetsyAnn 514-577-5355 Ville Mont-Royal (TMR)
SMFT 1, SMFT 2, SMFT 3 Barro Claire 514-667-3828 Ville Mont-Royal (TMR)
SMFT 1, SMFT 2, SMFT 3 Bolduc Emilie 819-377-9908 Trois-Rivieres
SMFT 1, SMFT 2, SMFT 3 Booker Samantha 416-803-8906 Toronto
SMFT 1, SMFT 2 Bouchard Johannie 419-529-6547 Beauport
SMFT 1, SMFT 2 Bourdeau Catherine 450-926-0926 Brossard
SMFT 1, SMFT 2 Brault Emmanuelle 450-486-1131 Brossard
SMFT 1, SMFT 2 Brown Joshua 514-827-7353 Montreal

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